Ali Muhammad Al Akrami

Political prisoner of the Gaddafi dictatorship for 30 years at the Abu Salim prison shows the place now that is becoming a museum.

As read on the archives of Ammnesty international and in their report report

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Five prisoners arrested in April 1973.

Al-Ajili Muhammad al-Azhari, Ali Muhammad al-Akrami, Ali Muhammad al-Qajiji, Salih Omar al-Qasbi, Muhammad al-Sadiq al Tarhouni

Charged with membership in an illegal organization (Islamic Liberation Party) and hostility to authorities.

Faced lengthy legal proceedings, including in camera trial before the People’s Court,

Sentenced in 2/1977: 5 -15 years.

No right to appeal to a higher court, but judgements subject to review by the Revolutionary Command Council which increased all sentences to life terms.

All five prisoners are believed to be held in Abu Salim Prison in Tripoli.

[Source: UN High Commission on Human Rights, Report of Working Group on Arbitrary Detention.]