World Music Concert 6+6

The concert organised by the Italian Cultural Institute and the Italian Embassy in Libya, in collaboration with the Waddan Hotel where it took place at 19.30 on friday march 1st 2013. Attending 700 people.

The Libyan sextet: Abdul Razzag Al Fahd on the violin and Hisham Bakkay on the qanun, Majeid Aldehmani on the bass guitar, Mohammed Alghazal on percussion, Habib Altrabolsi on ney, and Shukri Khazam on the keyboard.

The Sardinian (Italy) quintet was led by the voices of Elena Ledda and Simonetta Soro, Mauro Palmas on the mandola and lute, Marcello Peghin guitars, Silvano Lobina on the bass. Featuring special guest Luigi Lai at the launeddas.